Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why Windows 10 Can Suck It

When I think of Windows 10 many, many thoughts come to mind with frustration over the dishonest, forceful, and generally unacceptable ways Microsoft has pushed the upgrade to Windows 10 probably the most prevalent of them. I have two Windows 7 machines, and a Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 (more on the Surface Pro 3 experience during another post) and honestly I don't usually mind  upgrading operating systems if the one I'm upgrading to is decent and gets good reviews. I had Windows XP, skipped the hell out of Vista, went to Windows 7 (Vista Service Pack 2?) and then stayed the hell away from Windows 8. Windows 10 seems decent enough, at least from an operating standpoint but in addition to the underhanded antics of Microsoft in regard to the upgrade, the inclusion of the information tracking and data mining for Cortana and the mobile version of Windows 10 (even though it was a desktop/tablet installation) just rubbed me the wrong way. I found a way around that though, in that I decided to install Windows 10 on a separate raid in my main PC and only have it look at the main raid drive where I would install Windows 10 specific games and dual boot between that and Windows 7. Perhaps not 100% full proof but it alleviated most of my concern and frustration. That was, until, I read an article about how Microsoft lost a lawsuit for making their Windows 10 update prompt accept the BIG RED X as acknowledgement that the user wanted to install Windows 10. Yes, the "Close" X suddenly became "YEP, DO IT" for the Windows 10 upgrade prompt only. Sorry for my language but that is bullshit. Once I read that, my other frustrations such as the idea of yearly OS upgrades that force subsequent hardware upgrades, just like the loop today's mobile industry is in, and the supposed concept that suddenly I'm going to be lugging my desktop around in my pocket like a phone, flared back to life and I decided that no amount of future games is worth becoming another "successful Windows 10 upgrade" stat for Microsoft. So no, it won't make any difference to them, or their bottom line, but damnit, this mole will not be bought and will stand firm against such tactics and corporate policy!

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