Saturday, October 1, 2016

Apple, I Loath You, But I Now Loath Windows 10 More

So... after over 10 years of loathing Apple for various reasons, though more related to their mobile strategy and general attitude toward customers than their products, I've begun to consider that they may be the lesser of two evils in the OS world; the other being Microsoft. I'm aware Linux exists, specifically Mint and Ubuntu, however, there are some applications (mainly from Adobe) that I can't or won't live without and refuse to learn an open source alternative for, so it is either dual booting Linux and OSX on a custom built machine, which seems a bit overkill as Apple still looks to respect most of my privacy, or picking up a Mac for everything but gaming. I'm a gamer, I'm an adult, I'm a gaming adult and I'm ok with that. However, Mac and gaming aren't really married yet, more like an awkward teenage romance going on two decades now. So the idea is, once I need to give up Windows 7 in 2020, or my custom gaming/entertainment rig goes down, my current plan is to build a gaming only machine based on Windows 10, stripped down as much as possible and only use it for gaming, nothing else. I will then purchase a Mac, most likely Mini if they are still around and Apple hasn't mated with anti-privacy organizations, though I'll need to look into its Daze3D support, that I will use for productivity, web browsing, editing, etc., basically everything not related to gaming.

I'll go into more detail on why Microsoft has rubbed me so uncomfortably raw that I've decided to buy an Apple, unless something changes between now and then, in another post. That will most likely turn into a rant and frankly I'm already in an agitated mood as it is lol. The short of it; Microsoft is has become too arrogant, creepy, and stalker-like for my comfort and just like with a significant other, family member, roommate, or friend, when the "aw hell naw" alarm starts buzzing then they "gots to go."