Monday, February 27, 2017

State of the Moleverse Address

So, some quick updates all around... Some good news, some bad, some "who gives a fuck" am I right? Anyway....

  1. I already grew tired of the new site design, even before I finished it, so it will be in "Under Construction" state for a while -
  2. About 8 months ago I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.
  3. About 3 months ago I took over the family business as CEO & President.
  4. About 6 months ago I took a break from my college courses (getting ready to start taking Masters courses) in anticipation of the Eastern European trip I went on last year and then recently the family business situation.
  5. I started streaming a couple of months ago: for two hours, from 8PM to 10PM Est, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. It has been fun and the community, at least those who hang out with me in stream, have been awesome!
  6. In less than 12 hours from posting this my college courses start back up.
  7. In less than 24 hours from posting this I have a "trial" session at a local MMA gym to try out their Muay Thai training.
And with all of that written, and considered, a decision had to be made that was a reflection of my fortitude (-snirk- Yea I know) and an acknowledgement of my current health and professional situations. In short, the four main focuses of my life right now, save for relaxing; Work, Video Games, Health (workout), and School, all don't fit into said life. So, considering I need to work to live, don't feel like paying back my school loans yet, plus I still intend to become a therapist, and need to get my health in order, sadly the streaming, at least scheduled streaming, has to come to an end. I hate to do so when things looked like they were just starting to get traction but for the time being it has to end. I'll still stream when I have any down time and feel like playing a game with the community, the streams just won't be on a schedule any longer. Wish me luck!