Friday, May 27, 2016

Overwatch - Initial Review

Overwatch, the latest game released by the video game juggernaut Blizzard Entertainment, is in one word: FUN! Yes it does have some negatives, and there are some interesting design ideas at play but all in all the game is enjoyable. That is until one of two things happen: 

  1. You get a group of gamers who think they are playing DOOM multiplayer or Quake Arena or some other arena based shooter and won't work together, which is nearly a universal lose in Overwatch.
  2. You get at least one gamer who talks smack like they have some idea on what everyone is doing wrong and why everyone but themselves is contributing to the team currently getting their collective ass handed to them.
When of the above scenarios take place the fun factor does drop considerably, however, Blizzard included an awesome feature for #2 where you can ignore their spoken and written words so you in the end you can just click your mouse a couple of times and make their whining go POOF. #1 still sucks though. While I'm a casual gamer I don't like to lose, I enjoy co-op playing with a good group of gamers, and enjoy working out strategies to best win on a particular map. However, I'm not going to go all Leroy Jenkins calculations or start taking notes. Overwatch allows that to happen and I'm happy to play it. So happy in fact that I have already sunk $40 on their crates to try and get different things because there were a few skins I wanted. Nothing affects the stats in the game though so it isn't Pay 2 Win (P2W) or anything. Below are some screen grabs of the three toons I play the most and that I have alternate skins (that I like) for.

I added Widowmaker because the skin I got from a crate is pretty hot (you're welcome). I play her occasionally if the map and team warrants it. I'm generally either healing (Mercy) or tanking (Reinhardt), lawl, old MMO habits die hard I guess.

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